The Alley Oakland’s Rod Dibble Recovers From Heart Attack

3838560_Zennie62-Rod-Dibble-At-The-Alley-3325-Grand-Oakland--CA--jpg Rod Dibble, the long-time and beloved piano player at The Alley in Oakland at 3325 Grand Avenue (just up the street from the Grand Lake Theater and Lake Merritt) is recovering from a heart attack he suffered from three weeks ago, and is back playing as of this week.

Mr. Dibble, who’s played at The Alley in Oakland from 1963 to the present day of this blog post, is a local-favorite and known around the Bay Area for his ability to remember how to play the music from an estimated 6,000 tunes. Fans of Dibble and The Alley (like this blogger) regularly go to sing (or try to sing) their favorite show tunes like “42nd Street,” and songs like “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra.

Here’s Rod in action at The Alley:

And Paul Hlebcar filled in for Rod!

This, reportedly, is Rod’s third heart attack, so he’s certainly tough. Pay in a visit tonight, and put something in his tip jar! Rod plays Tuesday through Saturday from 9 PM to 1 AM.

Rod Dibble is an Oakland Institution!

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