Academy Awards: 282 Movies Eligible For Best Picture

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Academy Awards Nominations, Electronic Voting Opened Monday

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Star Trek: Into Darkness: Two New Trailers, One 10 Minutes Long

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President Obama Full Speech At Newtown: “You’re Not Alone”

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49ers O-Line Leverage, Spacing Perfect Tonic For New England, Win 41-34

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Fernando Reyes Turns Against Steve Donziger, Ecuador Plaintiffs, In Chevron Lawsuit

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Newtown Shooting: Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Issues Statement

Oakland and Oaklanders were victimized by during the mass shooting at Oikos University in East Oakland. To the end of offering assistance, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan issued this statement: Today … Read More

Ryan Lanza (Facebook, Video, Photos) Is The Sandy Hook Shooter; His Mom Was Teacher At School

UPDATE: RYAN LANZA NOT SHOOTER, ADAM LANZA SAID TO BE SHOOTER. a href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-24867″>According to Wolf Blitzer on CNN as this is blogged, the Sandy Hook Shooter’s name is … Read More

Sandy Hook Shooting Update 20 Reported Dead

While CNN has not confirmed this, there are some reports that there are 27 who were injured, 20 killed, 10 children. The expected shooter’s body was found in the classroom, … Read More

Sandy Hook School Shooting, Newtown, Connecticut: Shooter Dead

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