SFO Airport More Crowded Than Ever For Christmas Travel

As this is being written, this Sunday, December 23rd, 2012 has to be the busiest travel day in the history of San Francisco International Airport – at least for United Airlines. Just getting here was tough in that the normally available Super Shuttle was booked solid.

So this blogger took a Friendly Cab, here…

santa-clausAnd wound up getting “bumped” off three flights since 8:30 AM. But the real problem is that one of the gate agents failed to transfer my name to the next available Chicago flight at 12:04, and on top of that, I was waiting for a flight to Kansas City (with the idea of going from there to Chicago) that itself was delayed until 11:43 – two flights too close to each other.

As it happens today, the 12:04 had enough room for me, but I wasn’t on the stand-by list because the agent had not sent my name over!

So, here I am – now waiting for the 4:43 to Chicago, which is already 16 overbooked. Even if I wanted to buy a ticket, it would place me in the position of waiting on stand-by anyway. Why bother?

Stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

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