Excalibur Murder-Suicide Update: Jessica Kenny May Have Left Eddie Brandt In Chicago

excaliburpict An update in the news about what’s called the Excalibur murder-suicide of Vegas.com’s Jessica Kenny via the gun of Eddie Brandt last Friday at the registration desk of the hotel-casino.

According to KNTV Las Vegas, Jessica Kenny may have moved to Vegas to get away from Eddie Brandt. She had not talked to him in two years, reportedly. But then he arrived in Las Vegas, and said via text message he was in town and wanted to see her. She refused his advances, so he came down to where he knew she worked at the Excalibur and opened fire on her, and in front of stunned hotel guests.

Now, police want to know where he got the gun. But, as I recall from my last visit to Las Vegas for CES 2012, a cab driver told me that it was very easy to get a gun in Las Vegas, and that came up as we were talking about what makes the town tick. The cab driver brought up the mention of guns during the talk – which I may have captured on video, but I have to check my archives of unused video material.

Stay tuned.

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