Fernando Reyes Turns Against Steve Donziger, Ecuador Plaintiffs, In Chevron Lawsuit

Steven Donziger
Steven Donziger
A huge development: Fernando Reyes, a petroleum engineer who was part of Steve Donziger’s team working on the fraudulent lawsuit against Chevron and stemming from the American Oil Company’s work in Ecuador up to 1992, has turned against his team and admitted what this blogger has known for years: that the lawsuit was based on misleading claims, false information, and court intimidation tactics.

Fernando Reyes wrote that he was asked to put his company’s name on a forged environmental document that would “prove” that Chevron damaged the Ecuador land – even though Chevron paid $40 million to clean it up, and then turned the land over to Petroecuador in 1992. Since then, the Ecuador Oil Giant has been responsible for over 100 oil spills – yet the media still focuses on Chevron.

Not surprisingly, Reyes, who was once part of the team, is now being called a bit player and then called someone who’s work was not important to them.

Karen Hinton’s got her PR wire working to counter the news about Fernando Reyes. But her work’s not enough. This is a big deal.

Stay tuned.

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