Adam Lanza Sandy Hook Shooter, Ryan Lanza His Brother; Media Error?

Sandy Hook Shooter's Brother
Sandy Hook Shooter’s Brother
The reports were, via CNN and NBC, that 24 year old Ryan Lanza was the Sandy Hook Shooter. But now, within the last hour, it was revealed that Adam Lanza, the brother of Ryan Lanza, was the Sandy Hook School Shooter, and Ryan’s in police custody – that’s the term.

I can’t find any reliable info on Adam Lanza, and the Facebook page of his brother indicates no siblings. This is weird in itself. The only photo is of Ryan Lanza – not Adam, who’s dead. It’s a story in itself that he would erase his tracks like that.

Also, the Lanza’s mother was not shot in the school, but was at the Newtown home of Adam Lanza and she was killed there. Also, some are reporting that “the Ryan Lanza” is not the suspect and is at work. No. Ryan is being held and questioned by the police.

Also, MSNBC’s reporting that Adam had Ryan’s ID in his pocket – that’s not confirmed. But you can see how confused this all has been, on top of being emotionally gut wrenching. This is just plain awful.

President Obama set the tone for this…

..very terrible American tragedy.

Stay tuned.