Man Of Steel Trailer Reveals Superman Misunderstood By People, But Should It?

The Man Of Steel Trailer was released just a few hours ago by Warner Bros, and it’s already a Twitter trend. While the video posted on the studio’s YouTube channel should hit over a million views by tomorrow, the message the 1:32’s of image gives will frame how this movie will be received: as sad, somber, contemplative, and at points threatening.

Without knowing the storyline in detail, this blogger can offer what appears to be The Story: Clark Kent grows up on Earth a child of a rural couple, The Kents – but one with extraordinary powers and abilities. He saves his school mates from drowning in an accident, yet the talk is about what he did as a child and it leaves him an outcast. His father tells him to hide his true self, so he does.

Then, after growing up, and going off to find himself, a series of events leads him to discover who he really is. And the entrance of Krypton’s General Zod – intent on destroying humanity – forces him to make a choice, even as the very people on Earth are threatened by him. Superman finds himself placed under arrest, and eventually must face the military.

That’s a sad story.

Leave it to Zack Synder and Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer to assemble a very real picture of a possible storyline. But I personally refuse to believe everyone’s that bad. I also think if Superman were alive, President Obama would not order the military against him. Yes, I think what’s left out is the fact that there are people who don’t fear the unknown and embrace those who are different. Indeed, that seems to be the very message of the current events of today, from the reelection of the President, to a growing number of states allowing same-sex marriage.

I think Nolan got it wrong this time; we’re not that bad.

Stay tuned.

Oh, something else: given that David S. Goyer is also one of the writers on Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla. Given the level of realism shown in this expression of Superman, what Legendary Pictures will produce with Godzilla in 2014 will be something to behold – I hope.

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