Oaksterdam University Mural Erased In Oakland

The famous Oaksterdam University Mural created by artists R.B. Morris III and Munir is gone. There’ no explanation for the removal of the work that defined a district, a building, a university, and for some Oakland itself.

There are other curious, small developments, most notably one of the main artists, R.B. Morris, lists himself as living in New York, and not in Oakland, the East Bay, or anywhere in California on his YouTube page.

Yes, where a very cool time-lapsed video of the work of making the mural exists:

And resulted in the mural here…

That according to this Twitter tweet posted Sunday..


And photo,

..indicates is gone.

Oaksterdam University was started by Richard Lee after he discovered a place in Amsterdam that sold cannabis for medicinal purposes. Oaksterdam provdes cannabis for sale provided the buyer has the right patient identification and physician recommendation documents. The university was the focus of a DEA raid in April, as captured at Zennie62 by Bev Rivas:

Stay tuned.

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