Skyfall: James Bond’s 23rd Film Breaks All Time UK Box Office Record

Skyfall is an amazing work of a film, let alone a great James Bond movie – arguably it’s the best Bond film ever. The best, in this blogger’s view, since Goldfinger.

James Bond - Skyfall

What makes Skyfall so good is that, first, it’s the tightest Bond film I’ve ever seen.   There’s very little wasted scene space.  No place that makes me wonder ‘why is this here?’

Even more, the dialog was not rushed – it was natural.  There were even parts where there wasn’t a word said, but an expression given.   You don’t see that in movies today, but it was a mark of the excellence that is Skyfall.and

And I have to mention the great acting work by this great cast: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris, Judi Dench, and Ralph Fiennes. Considering the range and ferocity of his performance, Javier Bardem should be considered for Best Supporting Actor. Mr. Craig should be placed in the hopper for Best Actor because this time, he takes Bond to emotive places he’s never been before.



It should come as no surprise, then, that Skyfall has just (as of Wednesday) broke the all time UK box office record.

Yes, Skyfall is over all other movies in British film history, and that list includes Avatar.

A fitting tribute to the movie celebrating 50 years of James Bond.

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