The Monkees “I’m A Believer” Sang On The X Factor By Emblem3

The X-Factor on this evening featured a group called Emblem3. Emblem3’s a group of three teen boys who look like someone you’d pass on the street without giving them a second look – but that’s this blogger. The teen girls seem to like them, and that’s all that matters when you’re talking about moving music.

But with that, their music’s not just moving. Demi Lovato was right when she gave them a crit for just sort of going through the motions. And that Simon Cowell’s sold 300 million records doesn’t mean he can’t make a mistake or three – I think Emblem3 could be that error.

Take “I’m A Believer.” It’s one of this blogger’s favorite songs of all time, and Emblem3 tried to sing it – much to my squirming discomfort. This is how “I’m A Believer” goes, as done, well, by The Monkees!

This is how Emblem3 sang it:

The winner? The Monkees!


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