TMZ Gets Angus T. Jones Story From Its Former Owner, Warner Bros

Say, one thing not reported in this entire Angus T. Jones / Two And A Half Men fiasco is that TMZ’s the first to break the story thanks to its former owner, Warner Bros., which also just happens to own Two And A Half Men.

Here’s the story:

TMZ has clear access to the show’s makers to get updates on this story. For example, TMZ was also the first to break the news that Jones wasn’t going to be kicked off the show, and right from sources connected with it. Credit TMZ Editor Harvey Levin’s laundry list of contacts for access to the ever changing story that surrounds Angus T. Jones.

Hey, another advantage for TMZ, but it’s kind of cool that Warner Bros. gets to play with the spin of this story, even if, in a digital media age, they can’t really control it for long.

Stay tuned.

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