Santa Claus Is Headed To Hawaii

The people you meet in airports. In the middle of a hectic, stressful travel day where this blogger waited four hours to board a delayed flight that switched gates three times, Santa Claus showed up.

No, Santa Claus didn’t have his sleigh or eight reindeer, but he did have a calling card: his calling card. It read Santa Claus.

It started when he stat down and said to me “You look like Emmitt Smith.” Thing is, I don’t think I look anything like the legendary Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals Running Back, so I was taken aback. “Well, you look like Santa Claus,” I said. “Well, I am Santa Claus,” he responded.

No, he had no other name but Santa Claus, and looked just like him. Period. Mr. Claus was also traveling with Mrs. Claus, who looked all the part of Ms. Claus, or really Mrs. Kringle, as in Kris Kringle. Come to think of it, he should have had a card that said “Kris Kringle,” but details.

Santa Claus was headed to, not the North Poll, but Hawaii.

Yeah, Hawaii – and dressed in a shirt with his face painted all over it. Santa was rocking Santa.

And this Santa was rocking Santa because he really does play Santa. Santa Claus was off to make an appearance at a mall in Hawaii. I guess his reindeer are waiting for him.

Stay tuned.

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