The Indy Colts Will Beat The New England Patriots

The Indianapolis Colts, who blew the Jacksonville Jaquars out of their own stadium Thursday night to achieve a 6-win, 3-loss record, has The New England Patriots in 10 days in Foxborough, Mass.

The Colts will beat the Patriots.

The reason is, as I stated in the video, the Colts are not only playing well, they match up well in terms of statistical performance with the Pats, and most important, are a brand new team.

The set of plays they run, the formations, and the strategy in all phases is not what the Patriots are used to seeing from the Colts – it’s a new book.

This blogger has a rule – when two football teams are evenly matched, but one has a new coach and is performing well, bet on the team with the new coach.

I forgot to mention the emotional lift the Colts are getting from their hospitalized, but recovering Head Coach Chuck Pagano. Factor that in, and you’re looking at a blow-out.

You heard it here first.