Rebecca Kaplan for Oakland At Large Councilmember

Rebecca Kaplan
Rebecca Kaplan
After years of trying, Rebecca Kaplan was elected Oakland’s At Large Councilmember in 2008. In doing so, she became Oakland’s first lesbian elected official, and the first woman to serve as At Large Councilmember. In this role as defacto Mayor of Oakland ( because she represents not one district, but the entire city )she has served admirably.

While there are a number of accomplishments she shares with other Oakland Councilmembers and staff, there are several that Kaplan has been personally focused on and responsible for. For example, the Broadway Shuttle Program. Here’s Rebecca talking with me while providing a ride to BART in 2011. This is one of my favorite videos:

Now, Rebecca’s undergoing a tough challenge from legendary Oakland Councilmember Ignacio De La Fuente. While Ignacio has his share of accomplishments, he also has a large share of ethics challenges. And add to that, he’s shown a complete lack of good taste in the way he’s attacked Kaplan’s sexual orientation.

As one who is running to represent all of Oakland, which has historically included a large lesbian population that has enriched the city, it’s totally irresponsible for De La Fuente to send a signal that some Oaklanders would not be wanted in his office.

Rebecca Kaplan deserves to be reelected. Please vote for her.

Stay tuned.

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