Jon Husted: Ohio GOP Sec. Of State, Darling Of White Supremacists, Trying To Block Voting

This Jon Husted guy (pictured), the Ohio GOP Secretary Of State, is just not a good person in the view of this blogger. Husted, for years the darling of white supremacists at the website Stormfront, worked to try and block many Ohioans from voting, and undoutedly because he thinks some of them, mostly those who are minority, will elect President Obama to a second term.

Husted has tried and failed to block early voting in Ohio. Now, he’s on an 11th-hour action to change requirements for submitting provisional ballots on Election Day, which is tomorrow. Husted’s directive requires voters, not election officials, to fill out a confusing form listing the type of ID they provided to vote.

According to Ohio State Rep. Mike Foley and Cleveland native Nina Hart, an emergency motion to halt the directive has been filed in federal court by voting rights activists, but to get fast action they need to show that people across the country are totally pissed off.

Sign this petition to show you are, please:

Then, Ohio needs to jettison Jon Husted from office.

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