Ezra Klein Calls Donald Trump “Hilarious Clown”

Ezra Klein
Ezra Klein
Ezra Klein, the designated policy wonk for the Washington Post, was just on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir’s show, where he openly called New York real estate mogul and television celebrity Donald Trump a “hilarious clown,” much to the delight of Bashir, who smiled in anticipation of the buzz-worthy blast.

The context was Trump’s Twitter tweet saying he would start fact-checking political journalists. This one:

Klein told Bashir that he sent a tweet to Mr. Trump offering him to fact check his work any time. This one:

Then Klein opened up full throttle and called Donald Trump a “hilarious clown” who was “trolling” the American people.

Too funny.

Mr. Trump should start fact-checking himself. This guy puts out more false tweets than anyone I’ve ever seen other than Mitt Romney.

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