Mitt Romney Must Show College Transcripts

Mitt Romney
Where are Gov. Mitt Romney’s college transcripts? For all of the questions about President Obama and his college transcripts, which are not sealed by the way, no one has asked to see Governor Mitt Romney’s college transcripts.

Here’s where silliness ensues. Because it’s one thing to know that Romney graduated in a certain year, or that he was cum laude, but its another thing to know exactly what classes Mitt took and what grades he got. There’s no bit of information on that at all. Nothing.

But even more disturbing is that no media outlet has asked to see Romney’s grades in college. Knowing that he was a Delt, or member of Delta Tau Delta, is one thing you can learn by calling the frat’s headquarters, but what grades did Mitt get at Stanford University or at BYU? What about Harvard? There’s no media account of this, just web forums with people making guesses that they exist, but providing no evidence to back their claims when asked to do so.

Donald Trump Asked For Obama’s, Not Romney’s.

Meanwhile, we have Donald Trump getting on TV, and, as Barbara Walters put it, making a fool of himself, asking for President Obama’s college transcripts, but not asking for Mitt Romney’s. Moreover, no one has asked Donald Trump why he did not demand the same of Mitt Romney?

Donald Trump has not seen Mitt Romney’s college transcripts.

Where are Mitt’s records? Donald should offer to pay Mitt $5 million to get them.

Stay tuned.