Atlanta Falcons Are 6-0; No Respect From The Media

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62
Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

The Atlanta Falcons are 6-0 and the only unbeaten team left in the NFL, yet you wouldn’t know it. If  the NFL network or ESPN programmes, such as Pardon the Interruption (PTI) can bring themselves to actually talk about the Falcons, what they’ll say is, they only won because… 

Let’s start at the beginning, week 1 @Kansas City. The majority of pundits on the NFL network went for a Chiefs win because ‘that is a difficult place to go and play’. After a slow start the Falcons, who never trailed, blew the Chiefs away in the 2nd half.

Apparently it didn’t count; the Chiefs had injuries on defense. 

Week 2, at home to the Peyton Manning led, Denver Broncos. The Falcons may not have bothered to turn up here as not only have the Broncos already won the game but the Superbowl as well, all because Peyton is back to his best. (He only ever won 1 Superbowl when he was at his best the first time round). The Falcons Defense comes to play and confuse Manning into throwing 3 picks in the first quarter. Falcons hang on for the win. PTI spends a few minutes discussing Manning’s arm strength and nothing else, while NFL network shows the interceptions a million times while ignoring the end result completely. 

Onto week 3 and @ San Diego. The Chargers and Falcons are 2-0 but although McNabb picks the Falcons to win, nobody else does. Falcons win in a blow out 27-3. Reason: the Chargers are never any good in September, ignoring the fact that they had won their first 2 games. When asked if the Falcons are the best team in football after week 3, Falcons hater Wilbon on PTI says, not until they win a playoff game. Since when do you play playoff games in September?

Next up it’s the Panthers at home. Panthers play their best game and the Falcons do not. Falcons win after Ryan throws a 59 yard pass to Roddy White that sets up the winning field goal. Imagine if Brady or Brees had thrown that ball…… Anyway, the Falcons only won because Newton fumbled the ball forcing the Panthers to punt rather than run out the clock. No credit for the Falcons defense for making a play, imagine if the Ravens or Steelers D had made that stop. 

When asked on NFL network if Matt Ryan is the league MVP after 4 games, homer and former Saint, Heath Evans says no, why?, because he hasn’t won a playoff game. How many playoff games are played in September? Answer, none! 

Week 5 and the Falcons travel to Washingtonto face RG3 and the Redskins. The majority of pundits on NFL network predict a Redskins win on the basis that the Falcons have never gone 5-0 before. What great analysis, their thinking is that something won’t happen because it has never happened before, brilliant. The Falcons win, but according to Wilbon on PTI, the Redskins probably would have won had RG3 not been knocked out of the game late in the 3rd quarter. At this point in the game RG3 and the Redskins offense had put up a whopping 3 points, yeah he was killing it. Inevitably all the talk after the game was about RG3’s concussion and nothing else.

So onto week 6 and the Falcons host the Oakland Raiders. Shock, everyone picked the Falcons to win, why? Because they are 5-0 and a good team with a great home record? No, it’s because the Raiders are terrible, brilliant! The Raiders played their best game of the season and the Falcons their worst, result Falcons still win. Is there anything to be said for resilience, apparently not. 

The Atlanta Falcons are the ONLY team in the NFC to have a winning record in each of the last 4 seasons. The Falcons are currently      6-0.  I’m not saying that the Falcons are going to go unbeaten and win the Super Bowl but they should be seen by the media as what they are, a contender.


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