SF Giants Win NLDS, Oakland A’s Lose ALDS, Sad Day

Just a “let’s get this out” brief: Thursday was a sad day for San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area sports fans because while one team, the San Francisco Giants, prevailed over the Cincinnati Reds and Dusty Baker in Game 5, 6 to 4, the Oakland Athletics had the visiting Detroit Tigers right where they wanted them in front of their home crowd, and lost 6-0.

That’s right: the Oakland A’s were totally shut down by Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander. It was an epic performance in front of a hostile Oakland crowd on a perfect night for baseball in the fall.

A lot of what-ifs go through one’s head, like what if that wild pitch had not happened? But the bottom line is, on that day, the Detroit Tigers were the better team.

Still, hat’s off to the Oakland Athletics, for giving Oakland joy in a time where the news seems to be constantly sad. But what this proves is that baseball can survive in Oakland, and all of this jazz about Oakland not being the best place is just crap. The A’s do need a new stadium – in Oakland.

Now, we root for the San Francisco Giants to go all the way! It all starts Sunday.

More on that, later.

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