Joe Biden Kicked Paul Ryan’s Ass In VP Debate


his one wasn’t close – no rope-a-dope here. Vice President Joe Biden kicked U.S. Congressman and GOP VP Candidate Paul Ryan. Mr. Ryan, as he asked to be called, looked like a high school class president against the school superintendant in Joe Biden.

Ryan did not look like a seven-term congressman, where Biden looked like a guy who ran for president and almost served as secretary of state.

For those who were upset that Joe interrupted Ryan, look, the congressman was saying wrong things so much of the time, Joe could not help himself. He called him on his bullshit, and that’s what many wanted to see. They wanted to see the Romney – Ryan ticket taken to the woodshed over its hateful, hurtful comments about those who don’t have a lot of money.

The Obama – Biden ticket got a good win. A perfect set-up for next Tuesday’s Presidential Debate.

Stay tuned.

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