Olivia Munn Helps Obama GOTV In Virginia, Ohio, And Wisconsin

Olivia Munn And Obama Bus
Olivia Munn And Obama Bus
Olivia Munn is the actress, comedian, model, television personality and author best known for Attack OF The Show on G4 …

…and has been called famous, hot, sexy, and now politically involved.

Ms. Munn took to Twitter to communicate that she’s helping President Barack Obama get out the vote in Virginia and then in the battleground state of Ohio, and has encouraged fans to take advantage of early voting provisions in all of those states, especially Ohio.

Ohio’s received a lot of national attention, since it’s courts blocked the law that would have prohibited early voting.

Here’s Munn’s Virginia Tweet:

This Twitter tweet’s from Wisconsin:

And this one’s about Olivia Munn’s Ohio GOTV trip:

Glad to see Munn, who’s a hit at Comic Con, use her fame to help President Obama get out the vote during these important early voting days.

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