President Obama Meets Gov. Christy In New Jersey After Hurrricane Sandy

President Barack Obama landed in New Jersey to survey the extensive damage caused to the entire state by Hurricane Sandy. It’s estimated that 60 percent of New Jersey is without … Read More

Happy Halloween! Go SF Giants – Parade Today

It’s Wednesday, October 31st, which means it’s Halloween 2012. It also happens to be the day of the parade for the 2012 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, too. Of … Read More

Lucasfilm Bought By Disney For $4 Billion

Disney under Robert Iger has become the only true media giant. It owns Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, Cap Cities / ABC, ESPN, whatever small company this blogger can’t think of, and … Read More

Smoke In Flooded NY Apartment During Hurricane Sandy (Video)

Here’s an example of how mainstream media increasingly fails to give a comprehensive view of what’s happening during a disaster, and why social media has overtaken it. The USTREAM channel … Read More

Thomas Peterffy, Pro-GOP Ad Buyer, Called Shady Wall Street Chieftain

Thomas Peterffy’s a name you’ve probably never heard of until a run of pro-GOP ads that have been played again and again on YouTube and on CNN. The ad starts … Read More

Ravens Not Letting Hurricane Sandy Affect Them

Hurricane Sandy is a bit*h, but the Baltimore Ravens are fighting back and doing their best to beat her at her own game. Their bye week is over and they … Read More

Sergio Romo Final Out; SF Giants Win World Series; Marina Flies Apart

WARNING – THIS VIDEO IS LOUD! San Francisco Giants Pitcher Sergio Romo’s incredible killer instinct performance in shutting down Detroit Tigers batters ended with a “K” on his final pitch … Read More

Hurricane Sandy Brings Mitt Romney’s Insensitive Anti-FEMA Ideas To Light

Hurricane Sandy is more than just the perfect storm, it’s the perfect tool to out a campaigns message for better or worse. For President Barack Obama, it’s for the better, … Read More

‘With All Due Respect, That’s a Bunch of Malarkey’: Decoding the Debate Smile

This Presidential election has resurrected a very interesting dichotomy — The “debate smile.” Urban Dictionary says it is a forced smile that a person in the spotlight (in this case … Read More

SF Giants Sweep Detroit Tigers, Win World Series

The San Francisco Giants have done what some thought was impossible: sweep the Detroit Tigers in four games, winning the final one in dramatic 10 inning fashion, 4-3. This makes … Read More

Hillary Clinton Said House Republican Cuts Harm National Security

Zennie62 outlined how House GOP leaders worked to diminish the President’s ability to use military action in Libya, where Benghazi is located. Now, comes a Washington Post report from 2011 … Read More

House GOP Voted Against Allowing Obama To Deploy Troops In Libya, Benghazi

Lost in the Fox News-led, right-wing desire to pin the Benghazi tragedy on President Obama is the fact that in 2011, House Republicans led several efforts to prevent or curb … Read More

Shiva Rajaraman Of YouTube Reports On The State Of YouTube

Shiva Rajaraman, Director, Product Management at Google YouTube starts Play 2012. Shiva’s talking to the Play 2012 Conference audience and asked “How many people have used YouTube in the last … Read More

Play 2012 Digital Media Conference Today

The >play 2012 Digital Media Conference is today at the UC Berkeley Haas Business School, and it promises to be an excellent presentation. The event is entirely student-run, and concerns … Read More

Reddit Founder Steve Huffman At Web 2.0 Party, 2007 (Video)

It was 2007 and I was invited to a party for Reddit, thanks to Cathy Brooks, currently of Other Than That Studios, and then working with Loc Lemur on the … Read More

Mitt Romney Must Show College Transcripts

Where are Gov. Mitt Romney’s college transcripts? For all of the questions about President Obama and his college transcripts, which are not sealed by the way, no one has asked … Read More

George Mitchell Out As San Bruno Fire Mediator

After a lot of complaints, conga drums, and consternation, former Senator George Mitchell is out as the mediator who was hand-picked by the California Public Utilities Commission, or the CPUC. … Read More