Cam Newton: Steve Smith Must Talk To Rod Chudzinsky

The Internet was a blaze with reports that Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Steve Smith “lit in” to Quarterback Cam Newton after the team’s NFL Thursday Night Football game lost to the New York Giants 36 to 7. In my video, I say that Smith should also talk to Panthers Offensive Coordinator Rod Chudzinsky:

Rod Chudzinsky must be given credit for developing Cam, but he also has to take the blame when Newton doesn’t perform well. What’s happening is the OC has Newton focusing too much on read-running, and when he is asked to throw, it’s not from a short-timed passing attack.

This year, teams have a “book” on the Panthers. When the NY Giants played a zone defense, they moved it back deep – to where the Panthers receivers generally broke off their passing routes. If a team has a varied way of attacking an offense via the pass, that will not happen.

Stay tuned.

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