Interview With Rev. Jesse Jackson At DNC 2008 And DNC 2012

DNC 2012
DNC 2012
At the 2008 Democratic National Convention, this blogger was blessed with the chance to interview the legendary Reverend Jesse Jackson just before the DNC was set to nominate then-Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic Nominee for President Of The United States.

It was just after then-Senator Joe Biden gave his acceptance speech to be the DNC’s Vice Presidential Nominee. Jackson laid out what Obama would do then: a plan to get us out of Iraq (done) and a plan for investment (done).

Rev. Jackson then reflected on the meaning of the selection of the first African American as representative of either party as the nominee for President, saying that Dr. King would be proud.

This is the video from that time:

Four Years Later: Missions Accomplished

One of my objectives for the 2012 DNC trip was to sit down with Rev. Jackson and ask for a review of the four years of the Obama Administration. The Chicago legend basically reminded us of what Barack Obama said he was going to do, and then pointed out that he did it. Listen:

Stay tuned.