Gloria Allred, Ohio Rep Dennis Kucinich At DNC 2012

DNC 2012
DNC 2012

While the Democratic National Convention was three days ago (sponsored by, this blogger still has a lot of content from it coming, like these interviews with famed civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred, and Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich.

Each with what would appears to be different agendas, but not really.

This marks the third time I’ve interviewed Ms. Allred in the last two years, and the second time in 2012; the first was at the Night Of 100 Stars Party in Beverly Hills for The Oscars. Gloria, the star of her own “judge” show called We the People With Gloria Allred, was excited to see the Democrats Roll Call Vote to officially nominate President Barack Obama as the Democrats representative for re-election. “We must reelected Barack Obama as President,” she said. “Everything’s at stake.”

For Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich, what’s at stake is the American Economy. “When we leave here, we have to unite the American People,” he said. “And the way we unite the American People is by economic issues.”

Congressman Kucinich also said “The Republicans keep waiting for Wall Street to create jobs. Wall Street makes money by cutting jobs.”

Stay tuned.

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