How Fortune 500 Companies Use Top Social Media Platforms

There’s a cool infographic by the web development firm that shows the patterns of use of the top social media platforms. Note that I highlighted top social media platforms because there’s a tendency for some to refer to Facebook and Twitter as if they were the entire Social Media landscape.

That’s wrong. There are thousands of Social Media platform large and small, and from Friend Feed to and The People Aggregator. In my time, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried 90 percent of them.

But for this blog post, we look at a handful of them.

Google, WholeFoods, and Starbucks have the largest Twitter Followers. And as for Facebook, would you believe Coca-Cola has a whopping 40 Million Fans?! That’s worthy of further study.

Something else of note: only about 23 percent of Fortune 500 Companies have blogs today. That means over 75 percent of these firms don’t have their own way to tell their story online. That’s a huge error.

Well, here’s the infographic: