Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, Mass Rep. Barney Frank: DNC 2012

DNC 2012
DNC 2012
I talked with Ohio Governor (actually former Governor, but protocol says call him Gov, still) Ted Strickland just after his rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention. Walking as we talked, he repeated his assertion that manufacturing was on the come back trail in Ohio and in the USA, thanks to President Obama: “Five-hundred-thousand jobs have been created in America since Barack Obama became President,” he said.

I asked Retiring Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank about his take on the convention, and if it was possible to attract people who would endure the new open media environment that governs today’s politics, and become the kind of great legislator (one of the best of the modern age in my view) that he has become. “Citizens have to speak out, and not just when they disagree with someone, but speak out when they agree,” Rep. Frank said.

Stay tuned.

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