Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, full of excited people

DNC 2012It doesn’t matter where they come from: New York, Tennessee, California, or right here in North Carolina, the delegates attending the Democratic National Convention (coverage sponsored by are an excited bunch. From the older gentleman visiting from Tennessee, to to Obama and Democratic Party execs Buffy Wicks and Jaime Areizaga, to an elderly black woman from Veterans for Obama, who carefully and deliberately guided her walker up to this video-blogger to make sure she got her opinion on Clint Eastwood’s “chair routine” at the Republican National Convention on video, the 2012 Democratic National Convention is not lacking for enthusiastic supporters.

Take Ray Schnidler, 27, of Orinda, Calfornia…

This California Delegate won a hotly contested race to be a representative of the 10th Congressional District. “In the tradition of delegates being over the top” she said, Ray wore clothes and shoes that looked like they were dripped in red, white, and blue. The Mills College student’s patriotic garb got the eye of more than one male photographer, including one who, when I walked up, was on the floor and in a pose such that it looked like he was pointing his camera up her make-shift-flag skirt.

I guess you could say he was enthusiastic about her!

Stay tuned.

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