Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan Allows Chevron To Pursue Ecuador Fraud Claim

Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan, who was the first legal overseer to recognize that the Steven Donziger-led lawsuit against Chevron and that caused the corrupt Ecuador court to issue an $18 billion damage claim that was recently raised to $19 billion, has allowed Chevron’s pursuit of a fraud claim to move forward.

In order to avoid triggering another round of court battles, Kaplan said that the actions of Ecuador, Donziger, and his lawyers were “unquestionably were tainted” but that it’s a bit “too soon” to know if a damage claim can’t be enforced in New York.

The fact is, Judge Kaplan knows that the lawsuit is a pack of lies, even Donziger himself has said the damage claim is based on “smoke and mirrors and bullshit.”

Moreover, Donziger has said for years he knew he would be a billionaire from all of this:

Meanwhile, a new lawsuit against Donziger and his colleagues was filed by the Lago Agrio plaintiffs, a group of Amazonian Indians, the Huaorani, who say they he does not represent their interests, and want him to present a plan for spending the billions (if he gets them).

Wow. So the key people that were filmed in the movie Crude are now pissed with Steve Donziger for allegedly defrauding them.

Steve’s case is crumbling.

Stay tuned.