Oakland Army Base: California Transportation Commission Finally Gives Approval

Good Oakland Army Base news exclusive to Zennie62.com: after a period that saw the possibility that the $242 million that was to be designated by the California Transportation Commission for the new $3 billion Oakland Army Base Project would be redirected to other projects, the CTC held firm. The Army Base Project is safe.

In a letter delivered to City Of Oakland Officials last Friday (and this blogger is the first media person with the news) the CTC stated that the Oakland Army Base would be announced as the preferred project for the CTC.

I don’t yet know what turned around the CTC staff, but my previous blog post on this uncovered a difference of view between the CTC Board, which favored the Army Base Project, and the CTC staff, which reportedly grew tired of the many changes in the land use plans over the project’s life time.

Whatever the political details for now, the fear of losing an anchor for the financial platform of the Oakland Army Base is gone. One action that did move the project forward was the Oakland City Council’s official approval of the project just over a month ago.

Stay tuned.

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