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I have had the web site since May of 2010. The site was called the Future of Journalism and it was my blog about journalism and media and such. I thought that in May of 2012 it would automatically renew since that is what happened in May of 2011, but boy was I wrong. I have not blogged for a while so I had not known that my web site had been bought by someone else. I went to what I thought was my web site to see if I could do some updates and begin to blog again and I was greeted by a pornography site. My name has become an online domain for pornography – gross. I had to change my link and unlink my blog from that site. Now it is How horrible though. I am going to find out who did this, hopefully. I don’t understand why it automatically renewed in 2011, but not in 2012. Why would someone want to buy my domain name – which is my name! I have given that web site out to so many people – I can only hope they aren’t visiting that site hoping to see my journalism and blog posts only to find out that it’s a pornographic web site. Having my name on a pornographic site is horrible!

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