“The Avengers” Beats “The Dark Knight Rises” In Opening Weekend Box Office

Before The Dark Knight Rises was released, many at Comic Con 2012 were wondering if it would beat The Avengers‘ record 4-day opening weekend box office total of $207,438,708. I emphatically asserted to my two friends Keith Johnson and Henry Hanks (of CNN iReport) that this would not happen because The Avengers was a first-of-its kind screen meetup of the most popular characters in comic book history, and it would be more kid-friendly than The Dark Knight Rises.

Well, I was right, but almost wrong, too.

According to Box Office Mojo, The Dark Knight Rises took in $160,887,295, putting it third in all-time opening weekend box office gross, behind The Avengers and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. In that, it just surpassed The Dark Knight‘s opening weekend gross of $158,411,483.

No The Dark Knight Rises 3D

Its important to note that this record was set without a 3D version, thus, the ticket prices were slightly lower than for The Avengers. Given that The Avengers was in 4,379 theaters versus 4,406 theaters for The Dark Knight Rises, a 3D version would have most certainly given The Dark Knight Rises the all-time-record.

Oh, and here’s my review of the film and the one for The Avengers, too:

Stay tuned.

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