Oakland A’s – NY Yankees Series Draws 106,142

The Oakland A’s – New York Yankees four game home stand at The Oakland Coliseum did more than show the young A’s are on track for the playoffs, it showed that winning cures attendance ills at the ballpark. Especially beating the NY Yankees.

The Oakland Coliseum saw 106,142 people attend the four games, with the most seeing the A’s comeback win on Sunday, as they went from being down 4-2 for most of the contest to win 5-4 and sweep the Yankees for the first time in Oakland A’s history. Here are the totals: 23,382, 24,148, 28,142, and on Sunday, 30,470.

GO A’s!

OK. The question is will those numbers hold for the rest of the season? Well, I’m not going to say no, because the A’s have also won 4-straight, and now I’m wondering if this Moneyball team can match the 20-game win streak of the 2002 group.

Stay tuned.

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