Godzilla To Appear At Comic Con 2012

Godzilla To Appear At Comic Con 2012? Yes! And Zennie62 will be there, thanks to Tout.com!

Remember my 2010 interview with Godzilla producer Brian Rogers at The Variety 3D Summit? This one?

Obviously they didn’t meet the 2012 deadline, that’s now for 2012, but..

Well, according to Latino-Review, …

Not only is Legendary bringing the Lizard to comic con but get this, I hear the presentation is SICK! I’m not going to get into specific spoiler territory because then what’s the point of attending the panel, but take this one to the bank.

Godzilla will stomp both the audio and video systems within Hall H two weeks from this Saturday! I’ll be there to witness it myself. I can already envision them shutting down the lights, hearing Godzilla’s roar, and the crowd going wild!

Anyway, Max Borenstein is currently re-writing the script from David Goyer. Gareth Edwards is directing.

Wow. Stay tuned.