Leigh Steinberg, Doug Thornton On “Buehler’s Day Off” Show, Zennie62 Guest Host

On Tuesday, July 3rd, from 1 PM to 3 PM, Super Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg will join Zennie Abraham, Executive Producer of Zennie62.com and guest host of Julie Buehler’s “Buehler’s Day Off” Radio Show on KXPS AM 1010 Palm Dessert, California.

Leigh Steinberg is the first mega sports agent and an expert on head injuries and football, having spoken out about the problem of concussions long before it was fashionable to do.

Also joining Zennie will be Superdome Manager Doug Thornton, who single-handedly saved the giant, iconic sports facility from almost certain destruction. Now, this year, the Superdome prepares to host its first post-Katrina Super Bowl game. Doug’s going to talk with Zennie about the preparation for that event, and how the Superdome’s advanced since Hurricane Kartrina.

Rounding out the guest line-up will be the legendary Bill Chachkes, and NFL Blogger Melissa Rubin. Bill’s covered the NFL Draft for 35 years and will talk about the state of the NFL from his perspective, and with a focus on retired players. Melissa Rubin’s an expert on the Baltimore Ravens and will talk about the team’s upcoming season, Joe Flacco, and a special talk on UCLA Linebacker and Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo.

So that’s Tuesday, July 3rd, from 1 PM to 3 PM, KXPS AM 1010 Palm Dessert, California.

Stay tuned.

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