NBA Finals Live Stream Game 5 Thunder At Heat On Now!

The NBA Finals live stream is on now here at And what may be the final game of the series pitting the Oklahoma City Thunder versus the Miami Heat is on now.

The NBA Finals, Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder Game 4, will be on live stream here at now. If you’re online and working or don’t have a cable TV set, or just want to watch it from a cafe without going home, NBA Finals Game Two is on live stream below. There’s an ad that will play for 25 seconds before the broadcast, so wait for that, and then it will come on. Refresh the screen if you have trouble. Also ignore any calls to download software – just look for the small “x” and click on it to make the download request go way, then wait for a few seconds.

Also, if you see a rectangle ad pop up in the screen, just look for the small “x” and click on it to make the ad go away. And if you don’t want to see ads, just press the full screen option.


Stay tuned.

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