Ray Bradbury, Author Of “Fahrenheit 451” ,”‘The Martian Chronicles” Dead At 91

Sad news that Ray Bradbury, Author Of Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked This Way Comes, and over 600 works, is dead At 91 – so we pass another sign-post along the Zeitgeist, and a big one.

Ray Bradbury is credited with bring Science Fiction into the relm of literature. But more important than that, Bradbury has a way of ‘Americanizing’ Science Fiction, and by that, I mean making us think of space aliens as landing in the backyards of some small boy, or from the perspective of someone who grew up on an American farm. It was a way of making Sci-Fi pedestrian, and it worked.

Ray Bradbury is an American Treasure, and one who at 91, was still as lucid as ever. This may be the last interview of Mr. Bradbury:

Stay tuned.

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