Hope Solo Is The Six Billion Dollar Woman In HyperIce Video


As Hope Solo gets in London Olympics shape along with her USA Women’s Soccer Teammates, she’s looking in the best shape of her life. So much so that her presence in this HyperIce video is as arresting, as it is brief. She appears at the 28.5 second mark, with her running at full speed as a parachute tries in vain to slow her down.

No luck; Hope Solo was moving. Fast. It reminded me of The Six Million Dollar Man, and the famous scene where Steve Austin (Lee Majors) is first testing his bionic legs and runs at speeds reaching 60 miles per hour. I don’t know if the director of the HyperIce Video had that in mind, but I did. Since this is 2012, it’s better to call Hope Solo The Six Billion Dollar Woman.


Go Hope!

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