Justin Blackmon, MTV Movie Awards, Boston Celtics, Tiger Woods: Google Trends


Justin Blackmon MTV Movie Awards (with Jennifer Aniston) Boston Celtics Tiger Woods – Google Trends for June 3rd 2012.

Justin Blackmon is the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Draft 1st Round Pick, and who got a DUI Sunday morning in Stillwater, Oklahoma at 10 AM. This is his second DUI, but I really think he deserves a chance to recover from this and get friends around him who will watch out for him, and not allow this to happen again.

The MTV Movie Awards was the second trend, and yes I did watch it. Russell Brand was an incredible host, but I have to cut to the chase and say I’m really tired of hearing about the Twilight Movie Series – in this case Twilight Breaking Dawn was the winner of Movie Of The Year over The Help and The Hunger Games. Unbelievable.

Equally unbelievable were Jennifer Aniston’s legs as she accepted the award for ‘biggest dirtbag’. But what stole the show for me was that Ms. Aniston was obviously tipsy! That was funny to watch.


I then turned over to see the Boston Celtics play and beat the Miami Heat in overtime, 93 to 91. Say what you will, but you can’t count out the Celtics, who are showing a greater will to win than the Miami Heat at this point in the series.

Finally, congratulations to Tiger Woods on his big win at the Memorial on Sunday. He’s clearly on the road to reclaiming his golf swagger, and I think the return to the Las Vegas Party life did the trick. He needs that kind of release to offset the intensity with which he approaches golf; turning away from it proved to be a disaster for his game.

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