Tell Hope Solo Social Media Will Be Used While Watching Olympics, Study Says

Hope Solo, the soccer star who’s active on Twitter and headed the London 2012 Olympics, should take note. The results of an interesting study reveal that viewers of the 2012 Olympics plan to use social media to communicate what they think about the action they see.

All of this comes from “2012 Taylor Consumer Engagement Survey: Social Media and the Olympic Games.” “Taylor” is a 28-year-old consumer public relations firm with five offices, four in America and one in the UK. The firm reports that the London Olympics will be the first “social media games” and that watching it on one TV will not be the preferred option. Jackson Jeyanayagam, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy, Taylor says that “Two or three screens will become the norm during these types of events, and the platforms you choose will shape the content you pull in and push out.”

Here’s Taylor’s video:

What is not known is to what degree companies will come out with “Get Glue Competitors,” and I’m referring to the platform that allows for what I call “concentrated TV fan engagement” using social media. While I like Get Glue, there’s something missing in its execution, but given its growth, and the expansion in the use of social media to communicate about what happens on TV, it’s a wonder there aren’t more competitors.

Meanwhile, Hope, keep Twitter tweeting!

More info: Taylor’s website.