electric cooling fanWith summer right around the corner (if it hasn’t arrived for you already), you’ll  need to find ways to remain cool and comfortable in the heat. Not everyone can go to the beach or lounge by the pool, and drinking lots of water may not always cut it. Running the air conditioner all day can get expensive, and could be troublesome with everyone wanting it set at a different temperature.

To make your home or office space cooler and more comfortable for everyone, electric cooling fans are a great appliance when put in a few strategic places. For a two-story house or town home, placing a fan at the top of the stairs and blowing towards the first floor is an excellent way to cool down the upstairs. Hot air rises, so the first floor will warm up, but doing this at night could make the bedrooms more comfortable and getting a good night’s rest that much easier. It’s also wise to place additional fans in the living room, the bedrooms, and rooms like the playroom or the home office. One fan at the top of the stairs isn’t going to make all to rooms cooler, but having multiple fans on will keep the air in your home circulating.

For the office, it may be a good idea to have a small portable fan at your desk or cubicle. This way, you don’t have to mess with the thermostat all the time, or be the person that always complains about how cold or how hot it is. Just turn on your fan and be completely fine for the rest of the day. For maximum comfort, find as quiet of a fan as possible so it doesn’t become something you need to talk over when on the phone with clients and coworkers. To cool an entire space more efficiently, placing an industrial fan in hallways or on top of cabinets could be big help.

Why are fans the perfect compliment to air conditioning? Since fans circulate the air and keep it moving, your a/c won’t have to work as hard or be at such a low temperature to keep everyone comfortable. They’re very economical in that sense, and are a much better option than opening the window (which shouldn’t be open when the a/c is running anyway). Plus, it’s very comfortable to have a constant breeze on you as work, relax, or sleep.

Just having a fan may not do much to keep you cool this summer, but having a few fans to compliment your a/c can really do a lot to make things more comfortable. It could also cut your electric bill since your a/c won’t be working as hard, or won’t be used as much. overall, fans are a good choice for providing cooling and ventilation.