Zennie Abraham With Christina Marie Flores On SF Live, 2009: Blogs, Video-Blogs, And Media

Want to know how to blog and to video-blog? Watch this three-video segment that consists of a 2009 interview of me by “Christina Marie,” then the host of a cable show called SF Live, and also known as Christina Marie Flores, the former girlfriend of now-suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. (And no, before you go there, Christina Marie Flores and I were just friends and I knew and know nothing about their relationship of interest to a court of law.)

The three-part video series talks about what blogs are, the history of blogging to that point, how to make money blogging, Google AdWords and Google AdSense, the YouTube Partner Program, how to make a video and edit it, and micro-video-blogging as I did using 12 seconds.tv then, and Tout.com now, and about the ethics of blogging. I also talk about how this way of making media is a disruptive technology, and my then-new TV show called The Blog Report With Zennie62.

If I do say so myself, this is something you should watch to learn about what media is and how newspapers have been impacted by it, as it still stands the test of time in 2012. Long-time bloggers may note the passing of certain blog directories.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Stay tuned.

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