Ross Mirkarimi: Board of Supervisors Deal To Oust Him “Done”

Ross Mirkarimi. According to two insiders, a deal to officially oust the already suspended San Francisco Sheriff – and for three misdemeanor domestic violence charges filed against him in the wake of the New Year’s Eve night incident where Ross grabbed his wife Eliana Lopez so hard he left bruises – has been done.

While the San Francisco Ethics Commission, which meets Thursday of next week at 5:30 PM, doesn’t have the power to jettison Ross from his job, they’re expected to set the table for San Francisco the Board Of Supervisors, which does, to do so.

The main problem, my sources tell me, is that Ross has managed to gain a number of enemies over the years,and some of them are looking to get back at him. Moreover, with five members of the Board Of Supes up for re-election, my sources say that Ross’ own ‘friends’ are running for cover.

Stay tuned.

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