I find it refreshing and quite promising that so many of our nation’s higher learning institutions are incorporating social responsibility, social entrepreneurialism and sustainability in the classroom. Studies show that 86.5% of University and colleges offer curriculum specifically in these areas. When I was a student at UCLA, not only was these areas not taught, but I had never even heard of the concept.

CSR is being incorporated into both undergrad and graduate programs, and students are eating it up. CSR/Sustainability curriculum is showing up in virtually every department, including business, communications, life sciences, engineering, medical, language studies, etc.

A recent survey clearly illustrates that today’s students are a different breed. They want the world to change and they want to be the ones who drive that transformation.

Take the University Of Miami for example. I recently interviewed their President, Donna Shalala, on this very topic. She says, “Our students want to create jobs, not get jobs.” She points to the school’s sustainability focus as a main reason why U of M enjoys a 94% satisfaction rate among undergrads. Says Shalala, “Our kids want to change the world and they realize that they have the power to do it. They expect the University Of Miami to enable them with the tools to do it. I am so proud of them.”

Personally I find this hugely encouraging. It is comforting to know that our newest generations are shifting their focus from greed and profits to social good and sustainability. They are clearly focusing on creating a global WE… and not a ME first attitude which has corrupted the generations before.

By MarcHolland

I am the Founder and CEO OF Sky Radio Network USA, the largest producer of in-flight talk programming in the history of airline entertainment.I have interviewed over 2,000 businesses, thought and political leaders. A few interviews include Jimmy Carter, Madeline Albright, Michael Dell, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ann Rice, etc.. My programs have aired on all major airlines such as American, United, Delta, Continental, US Airways, Northwest, Jet Blue and Virgin America. In 2007 I founded Altitude Media which produces inflight lifestyle and travel programs for all major airlines which are branded under the show tittles, Travel A La Mode, The Technology Report and Travel & Lifestyle TV. I am also the Founder/CEO of Educational Support Marketing Network, a company which provide schools with products and shows to promote daily attendance, drug free messaging and participation in school fundraising. In the past I have launched Billboard In The Schools, which toured popular acts as Brandy, Take That and the Backstreet Boys. I have launched the Vans BMX Daredevil Stay In School Stunt Team and the Mennon Teen Spirit National Junior Aerobic Middle School Challenge, which was sold in 1996. In 2011 I founded Big Heart Deals, a socially conscience company which links national, regional and local brands with deserving causes and charities. Essentially, we are Groupon with a conscience. I am having a ball working in a meaninful space, helping causes dear to my heart and offering consumers a great deal on the goods and services they want.