Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorrell Affair Detailed In Jeff Long’s Notes

The Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorrell affair that turned into a sex scandal has new Internet search life again today.

University of Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long has released his notes that were made as he was interviewing both Petrino and Dorrell in the wake of Petrino’s admission that he had an “inappropriate relationship” with Dorrell, and after Petrino’s near-fatal motorcycle accident April 1st, with Dorrell as passenger.

Petrino tried to cover-up Dorrell’s involvement in the crash, even telling reporters he was the only person on the vehicle; an action that was countered by the release of the Arkansas State Police Report on April 5th, with her name in it.

To say the news pissed off Jeff Long is an understatement. Here’s Long’s comments, and my commentary, on the April 11th day Long announced he fired Bobby Petrino:

Now, here are highlights of the notes that led Coach Long to make his decision, followed by a link to the notes on file.

1) Long calls the matter, “an incredibly difficult situation.”

2) The conversation between Long and Petrino was not recorded.

3) Long wrote that the purpose of the meeting was to give Petrino a chance to explain himself. To perhaps give Long a reason to retain him, and not fire him.

4) There were two sections of Petrino’s contract that were at issue. First, there’s a “character clause” which prohibits Bobby from doing anything that would give the University a bad name.

Second, Petrino was not suposed to give additional money to any of his assistant coaches or assistants, which includes the $20,000 he gave to Jessica.

5) Petrino said that the relationship with Dorrell started at The Razorback Club. They “just talked alot” and there was “nothing sexual” at first.

During Football season he would eat lunch with her, and then on an “outing” in October, Jessica asked if he was going to kiss her. From reading the notes, that is when the relationship turned sexual, but on National Signing Day, or the day after, this year, is when it ended, Petrino says.

6) They remained best friends. Petrino said he’d always promised to take her for a bike ride. That’s how the Sunday motorcycle crash started, but how Petrino lost his bike is completely unknown.


Stay tuned.