Simple Mobile Screws Up In Social Media Customer Care

Zennie Abraham / Zennie62
Zennie Abraham / Zennie62

smSocial Media Platforms like Facebook are helping companies stay in touch with their customers and help them to solve their problems faster. In theory.

Plenty of companies I know, have implemented great communication with their customers. I have experienced a lot of great help in the past. Fast, unconventional, direct.

Companies are on Facebook. So I thought, with my current problem I have with my cell phone provider, it is a fast and direct way to tell them there directly and ask for their help. I told them about my negative experiences with their telephone customer care – in fact you are ending up every time in a 30 till 40 minutes waiting loop. They promise you to send you the information via email or check them directly on the phone with you, but it doesn’t really help.

My problem is, that I can send mms but not receive them. Then it gives me a text, that the data size is too big or whatever. Sadly, it worked in the past.

I thought it is a good idea, to ask them directly on their site. I described the problem, posted my current settings and asked politely for help.

Two hours later, I thought to check there again, if there is any help offered to me and figured out: They have deleted my post. They have not even tried to contact me, to offer me help, to check what is going wrong here.

This is really a no-go on the way how to deal with customers and their problems! In this times, this is really a shame and a great example in, how to let a paying customer has been letting down.

If anybody has a proper solution for me, how to fix my issue, please leave a comment.

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