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Why is #whilewewatch Watching #OccupyWallSt Media? Tim Pool

Arrests being made now Live from Wall St, NYC ! #whilewewatch
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As of 10:48pm EST 9 arrests have been made at the #OccupyWallSt protest in New York City.


Arrest 10 took place at 10:53pm. Tim Pool is reporting Live from Wall Street on UStream at

Tim Pool is one of the featured new media specialists in the new #OccupyWallSt media team portrait from Director Kevin Breslin.

More info can be found at
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By Karen A. Brown

Karen A. Brown is the CEO of StardustBlue Media, LLC, and a documentary film producer, and Humanity-Without-Borders’ Director of Creative Media. She writer, creative new media guru and consultant. Karen’s clients include highly acclaimed filmmakers, novelists, TV personalities, writers, musicians, enlightened entities, and intuitive people.