NFL Draft 2012 Data Base Shows Variations After #3

NFL Draft
NFL Draft’s first 2012 NFL Draft Mock Draft (Zennie62 NFL Draft Coverage By was completed last weekend, and DC Pro Sports Report took placed it in a data base of other NFL mock drafts (over 150) conducted to this date. The results were interesting.

100 Percent of the mock drafts have Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck going to the Indianpolis Colts. And considering Colts Owner Jim Irsay’s Twitter Tweets about visiting Luck, that does look like a sure thing.

About 70 percent have Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin going 1, 2, Colts and Redskins. And of those who don’t, the other idea is for Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon to go to the Redskins, while Robert Griffin falls past the Vikings and is drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

Meanwhile, and this to me is still strange, USC Tackle Matt Kalil is considered a lock to be drafted by the Minnesota Vikings. I know Matt’s good, but the Vikings need to have a wide receiver who can scare the crap out of defender – Justin is right there.

If the Vikings need a good Offensive Tackle, they can wait until the second round and get Mitchell Schwartz, of Cal. That would give them both a top-tier wide receiver and an excellent offensive lineman from this year’s draft.

But I digress.

Beyond 3, it’s mostly Alabama Running Back Trent Richardson to the Browns, then Justin Blackmon, and after that a mix of possibilities, including RG3.

To see the whole database, click here: NFL Draft Mock Draft Data Base

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