Oaksterdam University Raid: Videos Capture Oakland Chaos

Oaksterdam University. Oakland School Shooting. Oakland’s Monday April 2nd will go down as a red-letter day in our city’s storied history. We had not just the horrifying Oakland School Shooting, but the morning Federal and IRS raid of Oaksterdam University.

According to The Washington Post, the raid that occurred at 7:30 AM was part of a criminal investigation into Oaksterdam University, and not an attempt to crack down on the California medical medical marijuana industry as a whole. But tell that to the protestors who came to Oaksterdam University to give the Feds of piece of their minds on Monday.

Today, and thanks to Beverly Rivas, Zennie62.com Content and Social Media Partner, we have excellent video blogs of the chaotic scene in front of the Oaksterdam University at 1600 Broadway. Here it is:

Stay tuned.

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