NFL Draft 2012: Eagles Workout Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame

Michael Floyd, Notre Dame’s great wide receiver, is one of my favorite players in this 2012 NFL Draft ( coverage by, and some say the second-best wide receiver behind Oklahoma St’s Justin Blackmon. He’s so good, the Philadelphia Eagles gave him a private workout on Tuesday.

But for me he’s a very, very close second to Justin Blackmon and because I watched Floyd grow into the Fighting Irish’ go-to-guy. Michael excells at catching a pass in the middle and gaining yards after it.

Michael’s totally un-afraid of contact, and seems to have a feel for avoiding the big hit after he gets the ball. This video demonstrates what I mean:

In addition to his pass-catching talent, Floyd has ran a variety of route, and played against some of the NCAA’s best defenses and defenders. The question is, will Floyd last by the 15th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft?

Stay tuned.

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